Krysalis Tachyon Sphere

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Our Price: $250.00


In the tradition of the original 2021 KRYON sphere, this beautiful hi-quality crystalline Tachyon sphere has been custom designed in Europe for the Kryon work. It is carefully manufactured in small lots to maintain high standards of quality.

This product is manufactured by Terra Tachyon, and is composed of glass that is energized through a complex “tequencing” process that permanently alters the physical and energetic structure of the sphere. This “tequencing” process enables the sphere to resonate with the Tachyon Energy, which then becomes suffused throughout each product. The Tachyon spheres retain this special property throughout their existence.

The Krysalis Academy Tachyon Sphere has been tachyonized to help us rekindle and remember the knowledge and wisdom contained within our Akash. The seeds of divinity and mastery are already within you. The effect of the sphere is one of enhancing the connection with our Higher Self, embodying our natural state of peace and well-being, and amplifying the energy of the Creator in our lives.

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PLEASE NOTE: You are buying just the sphere. Below is a special offer for the Krysalis Sphere and a Custom Base Kit.