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n.o.w. Tone Therapy System

As demonstrated by Suzanne Geismann on-stage
at the Healing Wednesday Live event in Orlando Florida.

The simplest way to relieve stress and anxiety and to open to deep peace and clarity.

Listen twice a day for 3 minutes.
• A NEW MEDITATION DEVICE | Pure healing tones based on the naturally-occurring harmonic series release old patterns to help you BE and reconnect to your perfect True Self, in the present moment. No guided meditation voices. No instructions to follow. No techniques to learn. All you have to do is listen as the pure Tones take you to yourself.
• QUICK | There's no time like the present. In fact, that's the only "time" there is. n.o.w. Tone Therapy's New Origin Waveform (n.o.w) technology quickly helps you BE in the present moment, with peace -- the only moment you're alive. All that in a 3 minute session with life-long benefits.
• EASY | Just press ON. We made n.o.w. easy to use so that you'll use it! Just press ON and feel a peaceful awakening to your True Self. n.o.w. Tone Therapy System even turns itself off after each 3 minute session so you can just sit and BE, in stillness.
• EFFECTIVE | n.o.w.'s New Origin Waveforms are a gentle and powerful aid to self awareness beyond thought. Experience the life-changing benefits of awakening to the present moment.

Our Price: $179.00