The Human Soul Revealed
by Monika Muranyi

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New Information for Personal Peace
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Subtitle: Unlocking the Mysteries from Beyond
Paperback and Kindle
ISBN 978-2-89626-255-7
2015 - Ariane Editions

What is the Soul? This is perhaps one of the most elusive questions any spiritual person could have. This is what this book is all about... and more. Monika Muranyi has compiled everything about our SOUL that Kryon has ever channelled! For over twenty-six years the loving messages of Kryon, as given by Lee Carroll (the original Kryon channel), have become known world-wide. This book, the third in the Kryon "subject-driven" trilogy series, represents an amazing job of research that covers in detail everything that KRYON has given about the Human Soul - and includes material never before published by Kryon. In addition, Monika has posed many new questions answered by Kryon. Thanks to her work we now have a greater understanding about the Human Soul, and what it might really be. Lee Carroll has cooperated fully with her research, and continues to do so for the books in her Kryon series.

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