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Awakening to Your Crystalline Body
Jan Tober, Lupito William Jones

KRYON, The Magnetic Master, reminds us that the KRYON BOWL helps us in recalibration and in decoding the KRYON information. The KRYON BOWL is used throughout this CD. As we move from our carbon-based 3D form to our quantum state, we become crystalline and align with the crystalline grid. We awaken to our new Crystalline bodies, filled with love and compassion. Enjoy this Guided Meditation from Jan Tober and Lupito William Jones.

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Crystal Singer Activation
Jan Tober, Lupito William Jones

Jan Tober and Lupito William Jones from Crystal Tones combine together for a profound DNA activation album! Using the newest bowls from Crystal Tones, Jan creates almost a full hour of toning and bowls using her voice and the incredible energy of bowls infused with gem stones and minerals that amplify their inherent qualities. There is the energy of ACTIVATION ELEMENTS within the bowls combined with Jan's voice, which make this a valuable energetic tool.

Our Price: $22.22

Songs of the Kryon
Lupito William Jones - Artist

"In this beautiful, quantum music, created by Crystal Tones bowls, there are vibrations that create energies that litterally speak to the Akash and will come together in a certain way to create a language of the soul... and the Human Being will ask... What does it do? You cannot ask linear questions about quantum things!" KRYON CHANNELLING
Enjoy this wonderful Singing Bowl album created by Lupito William Jones.

Our Price: $22.22