My World
Anders Holte, Cacina Meadu

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: MM00-24

I've been a singer long before I was aware of it. As a boy I would be singing in the evenings outside on the swing, absorbed in my own sound world. Neighbors and family would have their windows open, quietly listening so as not to disturb me.

These are my first memories of other people being touched by my singing. And still today, after so many years as a professional singer, what I love the most is to close my eyes and lean into the music without a thought. Tuning into that same place I knew so well as a boy.

Lyrics and pure sound
To me songs are stories in music, and I love to tell stories. Yet pure sound allows me to be 'mindless'. Nothing to explain at all. In these moments my singing becomes my prayer, and I find myself in a timeless state of being.

My World is another collaboration with my partner Cacina with whom I also composed the album "Dream Of The Blue Whale". Cacina's exquisite ability to create a musical space with her harmonies and sounds is very inspiring to me. We truly enjoyed the birth of this album and we hope that you will like the music.