Lemurian Home Coming
Anders Holte - Artist

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Our Price: $15.98

: MM00-19

There are many legends about this mysterious and magical place. Many tales have been told of an ancient land with astounding beauty. For me Lemuria means Home. When I began this musical journey, I had no idea where it was going. I just knew - this is the sound of Home - the sound of where we all come from.

The language

When I sing this kind of music, I exclusively have my awareness on the sound itself. It's like my left-brain steps outside and takes a break. People ask me "what language are you singing?" - and the answer is... probably a very old one. I don't think of any specific words when I sing. Instead I "lean in" to the music and connect with a "bigger me." I always feel an ancient vibrational connection to this "something" that my brain doesn't understand. But my heart always knows the truth of it.

I sense this comes from a time where language was something entirely different than it is today. The information stored within the very sound itself exceeds the cognitive information of our modern-day language. This music is interdimensional in the sense that it enhances our awareness of reality. When you listen to the music in a quiet space, it expands your perception to the point of sensing other dimensions.