Live Kryon Channelling
Kryon in Argentina

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Our Price: $9.00

: KV00-10

2006: TWO Live Kryon Channellings in Argentina by Lee Carroll
Two-DVD Disc Set
72 Minutes each disc
Two discs in one package, representing each day.

On May 20 and 21, 2006, Lee Carroll and Robert Coxon ventured to Argentina for a weekend of channelling and music in the city of Buenos Aires. The crowd of 1,000 was amazing... filled with love, anticipation, and appreciation for Kryon's first visit to the South American continent.

Featuring full Spanish translation, this energetic duo of meetings is presented as a 2-pack in one DVD case... for the price of one.

Something fun... when you watch the video demo (click here), can you tell what color jacket Lee is wearing?

The Players:
Lee Carroll:
Robert Coxon:

This DVD set is a result of a professional video team under the direction of Edwardo Borrello from Borrello & Ascociados srl, in Argentina.

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