The Gaia Effect
by Monika Muranyi

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Subtitle: The Remarkable System of Collaboration Between Gaia and Humanity
Paperback and Kindle
ISBN 978-2-896261-132-1
2013 - Ariane Editions

What book is filled with original Kryon channelling by Lee Carroll, and contains over 30 newly-channelled answers from Kryon to profound questions about the planet? The answer is... this book! It represents another Kryon book for 2013, and one that Lee could never find the time to assemble or produce. Author Monika Muranyi has spent the last few years becoming the commensurate Kryon researcher. She has dedicated her writing efforts to the task of assembling over 23 years of Kryon channelling, then grouped it all according to SUBJECT.

This book represents the first book of a series, as she summarizes and narrates explanations of what Kryon has said is happening right now regarding the new Gaia consciousness. What are ley lines.. do you think you know? Do you know what nodes and nulls of the planet are about? Are portals what you think they are? What about the time capsules of the Pleiadians? What are they? Where are they? What is the actual purpose of The Crystalline Grid? What are hauntings about? Kryon has actually answered ALL these questions, and Monika has written and assembled this book to give a subject-driven perspective that you would never have received otherwise. Lee Carroll has cooperated fully and continues to do so for the next books in her Kryon series.

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