Creative Mind Series
Mental Clarity
Robert Haig Coxon - Artist

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Robert Coxon - artist

The harmonics that this sound is based on were used by the monks in Medieval times to create "Real Magic"........until the Church banned the practice.

The Mental Clarity CD is very different from the other CDs listed here. It was never intended to be beautiful music. The first track lasts for 22 minutes and consists of one long group of notes that are held for the full duration. This is intentional and is not supposed to be a piece of music with a beautiful melody.

When most people close their eyes to meditate their minds fill with non-stop thoughts... what we would call mental chatter. It is then very difficul to clear the mind and think of nothing. With a group of medical research specialists I developed this "Mental Clarity" sound that has proven to help the listener clear the mind and arrive at a very deep state of meditation. Testimonials from many people who have used this CD every day for a month All have a common thread... that they go to such a deep level that they feel they are in touch with the Universe and it is as if they hear the answers before they ask the questions. This is what I would call Divine Guidance. It is learning how to tap into true Creativity.