The Parables of Kryon
by Lee Carroll

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ISBN 1-56170-663-9
1996 - Hay House

LOOK! 20 of the best parables, but 10 are NOT in the other Kryon books.

Published in 1996, this Fourth Kryon book was extremely special. Louise Hay, bestselling author and pioneer of New Age healing thought, became interested in the Kryon work. Her publishing firm, Hay House offered to assemble the 20 best Kryon parables from the past three years. The book became The Parables of Kryon, and set the stage for a strong Kryon/Hay relationship.

19 of these parables (4 hours worth!) have been recorded and are available FREE for you. The parables are read by various actors, children and individuals (including Lee & Jan) and are each scored with custom music. You can HEAR them HERE.

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